About the company

OÜ Remning was established at the beginning of 2005, and is fully based on domestic capital. Despite having operated for a short time, we have extensive experience and several rural municipality governments, large enterprises, private entrepreneurs etc. have employed our services. Today, our position in the market is solid, and we have gained the trust of our customers. Our motor pool has been involved in many land improvement, construction and excavation operations. OÜ Remning aspires to be as flexible as possible for our customers; therefore, the range of services that we render is extremely broad. We are not solely focused on specific single operations. We do not distinguish between small and big customers – we consider all customers equal.

Quality and reliability

We try to be the best when performing our operations and offer the customers a service that they can be totally satisfied with. Our modern motor pool and professional employees ensure the quality of the work. We aspire to be a reliable partner for all customers and keep all of our promises and meet all deadlines. Our vision is always to offer a tad more to our clients than is necessary.

Our objective

Our objective is to become the leading company in our line of business. The motor pool and personnel of the company is constantly being upgraded, which results in a continuous increase in our capacity.









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